Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Flamo: cartoon outline

A traveling salesman watching a commercial for Flamo’s Flaming Pit. The annoying commercial has a subliminal message which causes him to drive to the FP in the middle of the night. He opens the door, falls into the flaming pit and is roasted alive. The kids notice that all of the traveling salesmen have been mysteriously vanishing. Dad brushes it off. The kids follow one of the salesmen to the FP in the middle of the night and watch his demise. They flee in terror. Flamo chases, but loses them.
The kids report the crime to the police. They dismiss it. Flamo is a leading citizen and gives to charity, yattayatta. An informant reveals the kids’ identity to Flamo. Flamo starts trying to kill the kids. A series of gags: exploding coke machine, a bottle of acid, etc. No matter what happens, the adults don’t believe. Flamo finally corners the kids. Just when he’s about to cook them, the police rescue them at the last minute. Flamo is sent to prison where he becomes the head chef.

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